Fall 2019 NanoFANS (Focusing on Advanced Nanobio Systems) FORUM

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Nano FANS ( Focusing on  Advanced  Nanobio  Systems) FORUM

You are cordially invited to participate in the Fall 2019 Meeting of the NanoFANS Forum to be held on Thursday, October 10, 2019 from 11:00 AM - 2:30 PM. A box lunch is included at no cost to the participants. 

Event Focus:  "Flexible & Wearable Medical Electronics" 


* Dr. Suresh Sitaraman (Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech) will speak on:

 "Wearable Electronics: State of the Art and Challenges."

* Dr. W. Hong Yeo (Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech) will speak on:

"Wireless, Stretchable Hybrid Electronics for Smart and Connected Physiological Monitoring.

Dr. Muneeb Zia & Dr. Bryce Chung  (Research Engineers at Georgia Tech and Emory University respectively) will speak on:

 "3D Multi-electrode Arrays Fabricated on Flexible Substrate Enabled Single-Unit Recordings of Muscle Activity."  

* Dr. Omer Inan   ( Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech) will speak on:

"Wearable Joint Health Assessment with Acoustic Emission and Bioimpedance Spectroscopy Sensing." 

 Please register to make your lunch reservations on or before October 7, 2019.



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